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Aria's graduation

June 16, 2009
Subject: Aria’s graduation

I know I left you hanging, wondering " Did Aria get to her graduation?" After her whole clinic appointment and her counts being down, we wondered whether it was a good idea as well. These kinds of decisions are difficult and aren't made lightly since the consequences can be significant. Still, the healing power of participating in life is immeasurably enormous. Aria was able to attend her graduation and it was wonderful! All the kids were on stage, while Aria was sort of on display in a wheelchair. She was so comfortable sitting there though. We pulled Reo from his class so he could attend and just before the ceremony began he could hardly contain himself. He was on the sideline waving at Aria, dying to go to her. Finally I said, "Reo, just go over to her and give her a big hug!" He had been dancing around wanting to do just that and when I gave him permission he was like a sprinter racing to her. He gave her a big brotherly hug, which elicited from the crowd of at least 100 people a hearty, "Awwwwwww!" Rianna soon followed and I thought I heard an audible *sniff-sniff* here and there. It was touching and beautiful. Many people know about Aria so her presence there was significant and meaningful for everyone.

Aria didn't participate in all of the activities led by her graduating peers. All the kids moving on to kindergarten read a short story from a book. Aria didn't and it felt strange and a little wrong. She is able to read and would have been able to do what her friends were doing but I had no idea this was happening. I had no idea what preparations were being made in general. It is worth noting that Aria attended only 7 days of school since she broke her leg so it is no wonder I had no idea what these kids were doing. Still, I took it to heart to pay more attention next year and to improve my communication with her teacher so she isn't so left out. She had a ball though and it was an incredibly proud moment for everyone.

I'll mention that she is battling a cold right now. Whether she got it from the graduation ceremony is an unknown. It just is. She has a bad cough and the sniffles but so far no fever. This is the first time she's been really low key since the symptoms started on Thursday last week. Up until now she's been high energy and playful. We've been swimming every day, twice a day or more and she has worn herself out. It has been glorious fun. We had an end of year school party on Saturday with a jumping castle. We invited Reo's and Aria's classes to come. We had about 15 kids and their parents here. What a time we had! The kids played, jumped, played, ran, chased, jumped, swam, jumped, dashed, darted, jumped, ate and so forth from 10 am to 10 pm. They were as worn out as I have ever seen them. Poor Reo nearly lost his mind completely from fatigue. The following day, he put himself to bed at 6 30 pm and proceeded to sleep a solid 12 hours! Yesterday, Monday, we swam for hours and played and played, which officially marked our first day of summer holiday. It has been great big fun. Aria has held her own the entire time. I'm hoping her body can fight whatever this little bug is without any major issues. It will be what it will be. We go to clinic on Friday for labs, so we'll know what her counts are then.

All is well here.. more than well and I am so grateful! ~j

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