Saturday, August 22, 2009

A support group

June 21, 2008

Subject: a support group

I had the most amazing inner-dialogue with myself last night. Suddenly out of nowhere I heard my gentle mind say, "I'd like you to consider going to the support group. I think you're ready." The only rationale I have for this thought entering my consciousness from what seemed completely out of the blue was noticing a flyer on the bulletin board at the clinic yesterday (June 20, 2008) noting the time and place of this group's gathering. It was one of those glancing-take-notice-kind of moments but I literally didn't give it another thought. My mildly resistant (aka MR) mind retorted, "What? Where'd that come from?"
Gentle mind replied, "Just think about going."
MR mind asked, "What for? Do you really I'm looking to make new friendships or new connections? I feel fine!"
Gentle mind said, "Friendships? Connections? Is that what you think that group is about?"
MR mind quickly shot back with a slight hiss, "I don't know. You tell me what it's all about."
Gentle mind paused and very slowly said, "It is about being."
MR Mind considered that and said rather shyly, "But I have nothing to share. I don't know what you expect me to learn."
Gentle mind burst out laughing and with great compassion said, "Oh Julia, you're not supposed to go to share. I want you to go to learn to LISTEN."
MR mind was quiet. Gentle mind was too. I was listening and so here I go. ~j

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