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Aria is STILL in the hospital!

June 14, 2008
Subject: Aria is STILL in the hospital!

It is a gorgeous Saturday morning here on the farm (June 14, 2008). We are very excited about Reo's "End of School Year Party" later this afternoon. He's about to lose his mind over the fact that a jumping castle is going to be in his very own backyard! I'm thrilled for him. Aria is doing so well and I thank you for all your warm wishes and thoughts. It means so much to hear from you! Aria has not had a fever since arriving to the ER on Wednesday, which is wonderful and her cultures have been negative, which means that they haven't been able to grow any bacteria. Dr. Trobaugh thinks that because her immune system is so suppressed at this stage of treatment that a naturally occurring bacteria in her body just took over enough to give her a little fever. We were on top of it and she received a broad spectrum antibiotic that it was quickly put back in check. She assured me that during Delayed Intensification this kind of thing happens all the time. So, Aria's been stuck in the hospital feeling great but can't go anywhere until her counts come back up. On Thursday her body was still fighting that little buggy outburst so her ANC tanked to 22. Yesterday, though it was back up to 78 and Dr. Trobaugh asked if I'd like another one drawn in the afternoon to see if it had improved enough to go home. She was confident that it would be any time because she looked so well. By 6pm her counts were indeed up to 124 but this isn't enough to leave. She needs to be 200 or above and Dr. Trobaugh wants to stick to the protocol as best she can. So, last night Doc called and was bummed. I was hoping, hoping, hoping that they'd be able to come home. Aria is starting to get a stir crazy! Now we're hoping that this morning's labs reveal an ANC above 200 and then I'll race over there and pick them up pronto!

She is scheduled to begin the 2nd half of this phase on Tuesday June 17th 2008. At that time she'll be admitted for an overnighter and she'll begin a new protocol of chemo drugs. Her counts, however, need to be 750 or above by Monday! It is possible but unlikely, so we'll probably have to delay it until Friday. We'll see. I'm learning that this is part of what makes this phase so intense. It is a waiting game or sorts. She gets a little fever because she's so immuno-suppressed but it doesn't amount to anything much other than sinking her counts. We wait for them to come back up to start the chemo meds again and then those suppress her immune system so her counts go down. It is up and down and up and down. Fortunately, it is only going to last another month or so and we will have made it to maintenance! That is so hard to believe sometimes!

While in the hospital, it is worth saying that the nurses were marveling over the fact that she'd only been admitted one other time! They also were impressed that her hospital stay at that time was so short. Furthermore, it looks like this one is going to be a short stay too. One nurse mentioned to me yesterday that it isn't unheard of to have kids staying in the hospital for a month at a time because their ANC has been at 0! I can't imagine that! So we're doing really well and I feel very grateful for that! I'm sure I'll have some reflective thoughts to put down but for now, it is worth simply documenting a status report. I'll be sure to let you know if she gets to leave this morning and join in the party!

Here's to simple things! ~j

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