Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Spy...

November 5, 2008
Subject: I spy……

It was 6 am this morning. It was dark and I could smell the warmth of Aria cuddling beside me. The quiet stillness of the morning was gently breaking with stirring sounds, shifting blankets, creaking wood, and contented moans and stretches coming from Rianna's crib just a few feet away. Aria was wide-awake and playful.

"Hey Mama, I spy with my little eye in this dark room something purple that is a cup filled with water in the bathroom."

Trying with all my might to suppress a giggle that is about to erupt and shatter the dawn, I feign bewilderment, "Whoa, that's a good one. Soap?"

"Nope! Try again! It's something I drink from!" she says with delight.

"hmmmmm", I pause, "Oh, I got it, your cup!"

"Wow Great Mama! You're turn!"

"Ok Aria" I begin, "I spy with my little eye something in this dark room that is fun and stinky and small and your sister."

Aria,"UGHS!" with exasperation and says, "Rianna! ok, My turn!"

"Mama, I spy with my little eye, something that is white with a blue star that I sleep on with my head."

I practically cut her off and say a little too loud, "The sky!"

"UGH! NO! try again!" She's slowly and rather sheepishly raising and resting her head on a pillow with the case she's spied.
We both utter in a hushed discovered kind of way, "uh-oh Rianna's waking up! shhhhhhh..."

I say with a complete lack of confidence, "is it the pillowcase?!"

"Good job Mama! I'm proud of you! You're turn!"

Rianna is standing in her crib. Her silhouette makes me think of Phyllis Diller. She's making happy cooing sounds and I'm relieved to know that she's slept well. The sun is just beginning to rise. The quaking aspens that are just outside my window are beginning to glow like the rich smooth hue of lemon custard. I can hear Reo putting on his morning costume. I'm guessing that he's chosen his spiderman one.

Aria interrupts my reckoning, "mOm! it's your turn!"

I chuckle and say, "Aria, I spy with my little eye a miracle."

"Huh? What's that do?"

"Aria," I tell her, "the miracle I spy is You!"

She bolts onto her hands and knees burying her face in the pillow and wagging her imaginary tail. She is blissfully giggling! Rianna begins to jump up and down in her crib. She is squealing with joy.
This is how my day began......

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