Monday, August 24, 2009

the potty corner

These are some Summer Fun pictures

Aria with a pony henna tatoo I made. She LOVED it!

August 13, 2008
Subject: The potty corner
How wonderful it is to laugh! How fantastic it is to feel whole-hearted delight. In this moment, this is how I am and how we all are.

Just before noon today, the kids and I decided it was time to play in the pool, which a large in-ground "L" shaped pool that is surrounded by a green chain linked fence. Within the grounds of the swimming pool is the original well and pump to the farm, which was established in 1915. The pump was powered by a windmill, whose skeleton like structure still stands erect on top of it. The well itself is covered with a rotted piece of wood, some stones and grass that have found life in between the cracks. One would hardly ever know a deep well is hidden below. Doc has since built a safety fence around it. The windmill no longer functions to pull water from the ground but it remains decorative in its presence and brings me delight as I float in the water and stare at its turning blades against a blue canvas of sky.

The windmill is situated in a grassy corner that for some reason is an inviting place to pee. It isn't remotely private but something about that corner calls the very nature from people. We have christened that place 'the potty corner" and those who find it too much trouble to race to the house and peel away a dripping swimsuit will answer the invitation to the potty corner. Aria heard the call today and the scene that unfolded was dazzling.

We entered the pool and were gathering our equipment for water fun; goggles, buckets, rafts, crocodiles and the like when I noticed Aria quietly and unabashedly tip-toeing to the potty corner. I might add that the 3 kids were naked since everyone knows skinny-dipping is the only way to swim! I was wearing a little 2 piece number and frankly the jury it still out on whether it might have been visually wiser for me to join the children in their birthday suits! Alas, I digress.

So Aria tip-toed to the potty corner naked getting ready to pee. Rianna followed close behind wearing her life jacket with its bottom strap riding the crack of her bum like some silly g-string. She isn't bothered. She's fascinated with Aria and is copying her every move. Aria has her back to me while I'm watching her from the shallow end of the pool. Her stance is wide and she relieves herself. Now this alone would be inconsequential if it wasn't for the delicate little dance she performed at the very end. Aria stood there for a moment, drip, drip and then with her fists in the air, her knees slightly bent, and her butt in the air, she wagged her body like a dog! What was so incredible was that I could have sworn I heard dainty little bells chiming away with every little wag she made. But that's not all folks. Aria proceeded to shake her leg with a fervent wiggle-waggle. It was all I could do to contain myself. Aria turned to me with a puzzled look as if to say, "Mom, what's so funny? I'm just going pee!" Rianna meanwhile, was crouched low practically sitting on the grass trying hard to pee like big sister. I commended her effort with applause and praise. Rianna raced to me with smiles and squeals as Aria was gingerly climbing into the pool. Reo had long been diving in the water searching for rockets and sunken spiderman action figures.

We spent a good while swimming and splashing. The bliss of this time, this innocence and these children create a life force all to its own. It is sustaining to me in ways I could never have imagined. Today, in this moment, I realize the milestone we have achieved and despite the many steps we still have to take I am beholden to the many simple gifts that make up this great Life. ~j

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